Could Malaysia Reintroduce Mask-Mandate As XBB Wave Hits Region?

Singapore Government is mulling the reintroduction of the mask mandate as it battles the new Omicron variant that is seeing cases on the rise.

The Ministry of Health in the state has detected an increase in cases from the XBB wave that is sweeping across the region, however, Minister Ong Ye Kung said although not ruling out the reintroduction of Covid-19 restrictions the Government will its best not to disrupt the normal lives of people.

The ministry is closely monitoring the situation and does not rule out reimposing safety measures like mask-wearing but pointed out the country is riding out the wave-like all other waves before it.

In Malaysia, MOH has not released any statement on XBB or new waves, reporting on cases has been modified and currently, there are no absolute data on the number of cases or type of cases. As of 15 October, daily cases as reported on KKMNOW portal are 2231 with deaths in the past 14 days at 14.

Malaysians are getting used to normalcy with many even starting to stop wearing masks altogether, although there is no official declaration by MOH on not wearing masks. Caretaker Health Minister had advised Malaysians to continue wearing masks especially indoors or around vulnerable groups.

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