Embodying The Elements of Positivity Through The ‘Good Vibrations’ Art Exhibition

The Malaysian Art Centre makes its return with the ‘Good Vibrations’ art exhibition following a 9-year hiatus. Set to redefine the true meaning behind nature compositions, which are commonly known as ‘Feng Shui’ paintings, the exhibition aims to expose and educate the public of what goes beyond the standard interpretation of these paintings.

Michael Chin, Founder of The Malaysian Art Centre shares, “Nature compositions are often seen as paintings that bring upon good luck and fortune. For example, many may associate koi fish with good fortune or waterfall with wealth. That is not the whole truth as the paintings cannot bring good luck or fortune per se. However, the ‘right’ painting compositions can generate the specific vibration to attract wealth, luck, peace, and happiness within oneself.”

‘Good Vibrations’ features a series of oil, acrylic, and mixed medium paintings that are made up of the elements of nature such as morning sun rays, serene waterfall, koi fishes, floral, and forest. These artworks are painted by the centre’s exclusive panel of experienced local artists, including Au Li Seng, AS Kang, Kenneth Wong, M Jalil, CT Chia, and more. 

The exhibition is also in line with the strategies of the National Cultural Policy, which aims to improve the standard and quality of arts. Michael shares, “We hope to revitalize the art scene and expose more people to high quality art pieces of nature compositions, which is diminishing. During the pandemic, many of us experienced significant distress and negative emotions which have depleted our quality of life. Emerging out of it, we’d like to exhibit paintings that can make a person feel happy and joyful while admiring the object, ambience, and colour hue of these artworks.” 

The art exhibition runs from 4 November 2022 to 25 December 2022 at Level 2, 1 Mont Kiara Shopping Mall, offering free admissions to both viewers and interested buyers. 

‘Good Vibrations’ Art Exhibition

Date: 4 November – 25 December 2022
Time: 10am-9pm
Location: Level 2, 1 Mont Kiara Shopping Mall

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