Major Parties And Their Election Manifestos…Thus Far!

With GE15 just over ten days away, here are the official manifestos presented by the major parties contesting in the elections.

Pakatan Harapan

  1. Manage the cost of living
  2. Combat corruption and strengthen democracy
  3. Empower economic opportunities for youths and explore humanity sectors
  4. Save the lost generation in education
  5. Build disaster mitigation measures and enhance protection for the rakyat
  6. Address the issue of contract healthcare workers and provide robust welfare for healthcare workers
  7. Eliminate gender inequality and enhance women’s socioeconomic participation
  8. Empower the regions of Sabah and Sarawak
  9. Improve the competitiveness of all Malaysians
  10. Preserve the environment for our future generations

Perikatan Nasional

  1. Build a competitive future economy
  2. Increase the rakyat’s value and standard of living
  3. Clean up politics and governance
  4. Ensure the lives of Bumiputera’s, orang asli, and all races are prosperous
  5. Drive regional development
  6. Preserve the environment and promote tourism
  7. Empower youth and ensure young families and prosperous
  8. Optimise women’s potential
  9. Build active and prosperous senior citizens
  10. Empower people with disabilities
  11. Empower FELDA settlers
  12. Transform farmers, breeders, fishermen, and smallholders

Barisan Nasional

  1. Eliminate absolute poverty through the Basic Income Assistance Scheme which is automatically credited every month to all households earning less than RM 2,208 per month
  2. Give an income tax deduction of 2% specifically to the M40 group, with an income range of RM 50 thousand to RM 100 thousand per year
  3. Completely exempting income tax (0%) for 5 years to all women who return to work after taking a break from their careers
  4. 100% internet coverage throughout the country within 30 months and 100% 5G coverage in all schools within 18 months.
  5. Free national early education and childcare for all children aged 6 and under
  6. A textbook-free schooling system with the provision of free laptops to all B40 students
  7. Introduce the subject of “coding” and basic communication languages such as Mandarin, Tamil, Iban, Kadazan, Dusun, and other ethnic languages in all schools
  8. Free higher education to all individuals from the B40 family

While some can be far-fetched, team BusinessToday will keep you posted on further developments and what party leaders spew during the campaign period. At least we can use this as a reference when the leading party forms the next government.

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