7-Eleven Issued Statement on Nutrimalt, Reiterated that It Is Non-Alcoholic

7-Eleven has issued an official statement on Nutimalt and addressed the concern of their customers by reiterated that the said product is non-alcoholic.

“We are always eagerly ready to hear out the feedback that our customers share, be it positive or negative, because we always want to do better. We believe that continuous improvement is crucial in order for us to provide the best experience for our customers,” the statement says.

“A customer has recently vocalised a perceived cause for concern regarding one of the products currently stocked at our outlets; Nutrimalt which is produced by the Carlsberg group.”

“The point of contention stems from the fact that the product in question is not placed in the same categorisation of alcoholic beverages and by default, non-halal, though this is not the case,” it continued.

“We address all concerns raised by our customers with diligence and the utmost priority. Upon receiving word of this concern, we took immediate action and reached out to the manufacturer of Nutrimalt to clarify on the matter. The manufacturer gave us an official response of reconfirmation that the product is non-alcoholic and we now share this
information with the general public as well as our faithful customers,” it remarked.

“We would also like to reiterate our continued commitment in ensuring that your concerns are heard and addressed so that we can provide you with the high quality service that you rightly deserve. At 7-Eleven, all of our products undergo rigorous processes that ensure the safety of consumption for all of our customers.”

“We work very closely with our suppliers in observing strict supply chain procedures as well as guaranteeing that the products delivered to our outlets meet high standards of quality. At the end of the day, only the very best of products are selected for you and your loved ones.”

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