National Natural Rubber Output Down 5.9% In September

Malaysia’s natural rubber production decreased by 5.9 per cent in September 2022 (35,460 tonnes) as compared to August 2022 (37,666 tonnes). Year-on-year comparison also showed that the production of natural rubber decreased by 13.9 per cent (September 2021: 41,180 tonnes). Production of natural rubber in September 2022 for Malaysia was mainly contributed by smallholders’ sector (87.9%) as compared to estates sector (12.1%).

The Department Of Statistics Malaysia, in its release today (Nov 10) titled Monthly Rubber Statistics Malaysia, September 2022 stated total stocks of natural rubber in September 2022 decreased by 5.7 per cent to 198,659 tonnes as compared to 210,768 tonnes in August 2022. Rubber processors factory contributed 90.7 per cent of the stocks followed by rubber consumers factory (9.2%) and rubber  estates (0.1%).

Exports of Malaysia’s natural rubber amounted to 54,542  tonnes in September 2022, decreased 9.4 per cent as against August 2022 (60,170 tonnes). P.R. China remained as the main destination for natural rubber exports which accounted 46.5 per cent of total exports in September 2022 followed by Germany (6.1%), Brazil (4.0%), Iran (3.8%) and the United States of America (3.1%).


Analysis of the average monthly price showed that Latex Concentrated recorded a  decrease of 7.4 per cent (September 2022: 476.76 sen per kg, August 2022: 514.73 sen per kg) while, Scrap decreased by 12.6 per cent (September 2022: 465.86 sen per kg, August 2022: 533.29 sen per kg).

Meanwhile, the performance of the third quarter of 2022 showed natural rubber production increased by 48.7 per cent to 110,969 tonnes as compared to 74,635 tonnes in the second quarter of 2022. The annual performance of Malaysia’s natural rubber production in the third quarter of 2022 recorded a decreased of 16.4 per cent as compared to 2021 (132,732 tonnes).

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