DNeX Teams Up with Kale to Implement Airport Cargo Community System

DNeX, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Dagang Net, has signed a partnership agreement with Kale Logistics Solutions to introduce the Airport Cargo Community System (ACS) platform.

Both parties will conduct a study on the implementation of the first-of-its-kind digital platform, connecting airport stakeholders at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), under the statement.

The partnership with Kale complements Dagang Net’s capability to grow Trade Facilitation e-services for air mode through the ACS platform.

For the record, ACS is a neutral and open platform, enabling intelligent and secure information exchange between public and private stakeholders to improve the competitive position of Malaysian airport communities.

Additionally, the ACS is planned to be integrated with other community systems such as the National Single Window (NSW) and Port Community Systems (PCS) for Trade Facilitation, thus enabling exchange trade data within the trade community.

“The ACS enables seamless electronic transaction, equipped with intelligent and secure information exchange among stakeholders to enhance the airport community competitiveness. This in turn can contribute to efforts in improving Malaysia’s competitiveness in its transport and logistics sectors as well as overall operational efficiency, connectivity, and productivity across the country’s supply chain,” Tan Sri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, Group Managing Director of DNeX remarked.

“Dagang Net has been spearheading paperless, electronic Customs-related services to ease Trade Facilitation and streamlining international trading processes for the import and export, trade and logistics industries, and this initiative is aligned with the company’s direction,” he added.

The company had also recently organised the 66th Pan Asian e-Commerce Alliance (PAA) Meeting in Kuala Lumpur from 14 to 15 November 2022.

Dagang Net, which is a member of the PAA, hosted the two-day event attended by key representatives from the alliance’s participating members.

Discussions at the 66th PAA meeting include efforts to strengthen the collaboration between PAA members and relevant government agencies as well as the regional economic bloc, facilitating cross-border digital trade and bridging regional economies with a secure and seamless trade regulatory document exchange network.

To recap, the PAA is an alliance comprising service providers from 16 economies that are connected to Customs and other trade regulatory agencies in their respective economies, and provide secure, trusted, reliable and value-adding IT infrastructure and services to facilitate trade globally.

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