A Model For A Healthier Home, Cuckoo Brand Gallery Unveiled In Kuching

Continuing its passion and ramping up its efforts to inspire more Malaysians to live healthier and happier, Healthy Home Creator, CUCKOO International (MAL) Sdn. Bhd. (CUCKOO International) has unveiled Malaysia’s first CUCKOO Brand Gallery in Kuching.

The CUCKOO Brand Gallery is the firsts of its facilities to showcase all Healthy Home pillars, brands, and innovations under CUCKOO International. The three-storey experiential and educational centre will also offer visitors an all-new brand experience and immersive learning journey through its holistic Healthy Home solutions, from healthy appliances and living products, beauty, and wellness solutions, to professional home care and cleaning services.

“A Healthier Home is one that is complete with solutions that could help Malaysians live healthier – from the appliances and living products we use, the lifestyle we practice to the space we live in. Over the past few years, we have been diversifying and expanding beyond providing healthy appliances to a holistic range of Healthy Home innovations that helps Malaysians integrate health into their homes.

As we grow to be Malaysia’s leading Healthy Home Creator, it has always been our dream to create a space that could showcase what Healthier Home can be – a space that becomes the foundation for better health and wellbeing. Today’s launch realises that ambition. We hope that this gallery will be a point of inspiration to all who visits to live healthier and happier,” said CUCKOO International founder and CEO Hoe Kian Choon.

Over a year has been put into the planning, design, and construction of Malaysia’s first CUCKOO Brand Gallery. The brand gallery has a bright and cosy interior which has been thoughtfully designed to be an inviting and welcoming home space that creates a sense of wellbeing and positivity.

With a total built-up space of 7,500 sq.ft., the three-storey gallery is also modelled after the Healthy Home Creator’s vision of a Healthy Home, featuring the four Healthy Home pillars and brands, as well as how each plays an important role in complementing one another to make homes healthier. Also nestled within the brand gallery is a multipurpose hall and a leisure space, the first-ever CUCKOO Café, launched in collaboration with HWC Coffee, a Taiwanese specialty coffee brand.

Commenting further on the launch of CUCKOO Brand Gallery in Kuching, KC Hoe, said, “This CUCKOO Brand Gallery in Kuching joins our comprehensive network of over 560 retail outlets across Malaysia to serve an increasing demand for Healthy Home solutions. Apart from offering an all-new brand experience, this brand gallery is also set to strengthen our position as the nation’s leading Healthy Home Creator.”

Every space at the CUCKOO Brand Gallery is purposefully designed with all elements considered to place health and wellbeing at the core.

As visitors stepped into the CUCKOO Brand Gallery, they will be warmly welcomed by CUCKOO International’s friendly staff and immediately be cooled by the CUCKOO Vita-S Inverter Smart Air Conditioner installed throughout the gallery.

The state-of-the-art invention is co-created from the partnership between CUCKOO and Fujiaire formalised earlier in the year, featuring a filtration system that effectively destroys bacteria, while infusing the air with Vitamin C to protect the skin and overall immunity. The Healthy Home Creator’s innovations, including the CUCKOO Water Purifiers and Air Purifiers, are also placed throughout the gallery to create a healthier space.

Visitors on the ground floor will be brought onto a heritage journey of how CUCKOO International started off as a healthy home appliance brand and grown to be one of Malaysia’s leading Healthy Home Creator and a household name. The company’s philosophy, vision, and mission are also shared on this level.

With a better understanding of CUCKOO International’s passion and heritage, visitors will then be invited to the first floor where they will learn more about the four Healthy Home pillars and its holistic offerings that allows Malaysians to integrate health into their homes more conveniently.

•             The ‘Healthy Appliances’ pillar with CUCKOO – This is the first section visitors will see and is also the first Healthy Home pillar under CUCKOO International. The section features the different healthy appliances under the well-known CUCKOO brand and educates visitors the importance of having healthier drinking water and purified air. The main attractions of the section are the interactive features that showcase CUCKOO technologies in purifying water and air.

•             The ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ pillar with WonderLab Group – After visiting the ‘Healthy Appliances’ pillar, visitors will then be guided into the ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ section featuring the WonderLab Group and how it becomes a holistic wellness beauty provider through its brands, WonderLab and WonderDewi. At this section, visitors could learn how WonderLab Group and its brands merge wellness and beauty to offer solutions that made a healthy lifestyle easier to adopt. Apart from exploring the different products under the Group and brands, visitors could also challenge themselves to a mini quiz and game to win the WonderLab Bel-aek Ageless Series sachets.

•             The ‘Healthy Living’ pillar with CUCKOO Co-Creations – After exploring the ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ section, visitors will be invited to the ‘Healthy Living’ pillar section to learn how CUCKOO has tapped into the potentials of local industry leaders, Napure and Fujiaire, to co-create different healthy living innovations. These innovations include the CUCKOO A-Series Mattress that ensures a healthier and restful sleep; and the CUCKOO Vita-S Inverter Smart Air Conditioner that creates a cooler, cleaner and healthier space.

•             The ‘Healthy Home Care’ pillar with WonderKlean – The final section and pillar would be the ‘Healthy Home Care’ pillar where visitors could learn more about the different professional home care services that WonderKlean provides to create a cleaner and healthier space.

The CUCKOO Brand Gallery also features a multipurpose hall on the second and final floor which will be used for internal events and training purposes, serving as an important platform for to strengthen the team and solidify its position as the leading Healthy Home Creator for this region.

The CUCKOO Brand Gallery also houses a café, the CUCKOO Café by HWC Coffee, launched in collaboration with HWC Coffee, a specialty coffee brand from Taiwan. The CUCKOO Café is not only a leisure space for those who visits the brand gallery but is also perfect for those looking to grab a good quality of coffee, brewed from the purified and healthy drinking water from CUCKOO Water Purifiers.

Making this café even special is the curation of its specialty coffee drink, the WonderDewi-C Americano, that blends the WonderDewi-C Lemon Fruit Juice, a WonderDewi brand product under the WonderLab Group, and the HWC Espresso brewed from the aromatic 91-point classic No. 9 specialty coffee beans by HWC Coffee. The specialty coffee drink, infused with Vitamin C, Zinc and Inulin, is not only tasty but healthy, balancing between the standards of modern tastebuds and pursuit of a healthier offering.

The Malaysia’s first CUCKOO Brand Gallery is located along Jalan Stutong Baru in Kuching, near to the Kuching Airport and close to the city centre. Strategically located in a young and upcoming neighbourhood, the CUCKOO Brand Gallery is expected to serve the needs of prospective homeowners for the surrounding developments.

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