Shaping The Future Of e-Learning With edflow

by Nur Aina Binti Abdul Rahim & Hardip Singh Rekhraj

The future lies in the education of our youth. Thereby, working parents, primary and secondary level educators are rejoicing in homegrown startup, edflow. Stemming from his roots as an educator, Chief Executive officer and Founder of edflow, Kelvin Tan, recognised that students, especially from kindergarten to 12th grade (K-12) were struggling to refer to their online learning materials and reflecting back on unorganised study notes.

Recently launched in November of this year, edflow’s primary objective focuses on assisting K-12 students in learning by providing them access to organised study materials, attempt quizzes, and preview tutorials.

According to GlobalData, between 2010 and 2021, Malaysia’s literacy rates have declined by 0.4 percent per annum. With this in mind, Kelvin and his team are eager and steadfast to champion edflow in Malaysia and tackle this serious declining rate.

“As an educator, I have learned that every community is different. Every learner learns differently, but how do we bring in more personalised learning?” Kelvin asks.

What is unique about edflow’s concept is that the edutech startup is community-driven as K-12 students and educators collectively contribute by sharing their current learning materials. edflow conveniently organises the learning materials gathered and filters them into the subject, chapter, then year. At the time of writing, the startup is emphasising greatly on SPM students.

Your Education, Carpe Diem

edflow’s response to student focus groups proves their necessary existence as 100 percent of the students pleaded and urged for the beneficial and easily accessible platform to be provided to them. The free interactive platform allows students to seize their future, at their own pace, in the convenience of their own home.

K-12 students participating in workshops held by edflow

The Future of edflow

With alliances and connections to universities and education organisations in Malaysia like Teach For Malaysia, Sunway College, FrogAsia, UNICEF, and many more, edflow plans on attracting 80,000 active students on their platform by Q3 2023.

A three-phase roadmap is implemented to disrupt the education space in Malaysia hoping to catalyse a positive paradigm shift in the methods students learn.

Phase One takes place within the first six months of their establishment, the startup looks to generate “Initial Value Creation.” This phase requires educators and students to share knowledge and study materials which will be organised efficiently by edflow.

Phase Two follows the next 12 months which will implement affordable but premium publisher materials so students are ingesting quality learning content.

Phase Three covers their target of integrating personalised learning with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its fifth year. Additionally, edflow plans to utilise AI to recommend individualised learning to provide optimal learning modalities for students with varying learning styles.

To join the edflow community, click here.

The edflow team

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