SLB Collaborates With Petros and Centexs To Develop Sarawak’s Talents In O&G

SLB together with Petroleum Sarawak Berhad (Petros), and the Centre for Technology Excellence Sarawak (Centexs) have collaborated to develop Sarawak’s local talent for the energy industry.

The efforts have seen the inauguration of SLB’s Kuching Technology Centre – the first SLB digital technology Centre in the Southeast Asia region.

To date, Centexs has conducted 3 intakes of the Exploration and Production (E&P) Subsurface Training Programme with a total of 37 trainees and 1 intake of the Drilling Engineering Programme with a total of 10 trainees. Under the agreement, SLB and Petros will collaborate to provide graduate students with technical capability training, using SLB’s expertise, Petros’ coaching on Field Development Project (FDP), and practical training with Petros.

“This collaboration is a step forward for Petros in realising its role as an integrator for Sarawak’s talent pipeline in the oil and gas sector,” said Ismail Said, Petros VP for Corporate Services and HR.

In addition to the training programs, SLB is also offering study grants to students attending higher learning institutions in Sarawak. SLB will also be donating its proprietary Petrel software to Curtin University, giving students additional learning tools to experience petroleum exploration and production.

“At SLB, we pride ourselves on recruiting and developing people where we work, thus leveraging the local talent network,” said Meng Keong Lee, SLB’s managing director of East Asia.

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