JPJ Data Could Be Used To Initiate Targeted Subsidy On Petrol

The Anwar Government could be using the database from the Road Transport Department as among the elements used to identify targeted subsidy recipients involving petrol.

Currently, petrol subsidy pricing is being enjoyed by all sectors of the population including those in the T20, this, however, will be relooked into by the new Prime Minister who is set to change the subsidy mechanism in the country prioritising the lower and middle-income earners.

Minister of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub said his party had discussed the matter with the Ministry of Finance, Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli, and there was data from JPJ involving vehicles that can be used to roll out the new subsidy program. The Minister said the data (targeted subsidy) is almost complete to provide an opinion and can be given to the Prime Minister on how to initiate the targeted subsidy.

He said the JPJ database, for example, could be used for RON95 petrol subsidies since the government could identify those eligible to receive subsidies based on the type of horsepower (cc) of the vehicle owned. The proposed paper on targeted subsidies had previously been presented during the Livelihood Action Council (NACCOL).

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