MOHR: Enhances, Empowers Educational Programs via National Technical And Vocational Training (Tvet)

The Cabinet meeting on 7 December 2022 has made a decision to transfer the function of the Secretariat of the National TVET Council (MTVET) to the Ministry of Human Resources (KSM).

Accordingly, KSM is ready bearing that role through comprehensive work with inclusive TVET ecosystem support at KSM includes TVET regulatory agencies, training providers, and financiers of existing training funds and strong cooperation all TVET stakeholders in the Government and also in the private sector.

The Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR), in a statement today (Jan 5) said along with the Government’s desire to make TVET a driver national progress, agenda to dignify and empower national TVET become the main focus of KSM in an effort to make it the main choice Malaysian citizen. Holistic transformation and branding of TVET will done through the injection of new synergies that play a role erasing the negative stigma against TVET, and further bringing a new paradigm of TVET that has the potential to offer career opportunities and high income in the future.

Relying on the diversity of TVET programs and ease of access offered at the moment, TVET is the best platform for Malaysians improve knowledge and skills continuously in line with lifelong learning aspirations. TVET acts as a solution. The Government’s double-edged sword in producing local human capital skilled and subsequently become a complement to the country’s preparation for dealing with the transition of an aging population.

As the MTVET Secretariat, KSM really expects commitment and continuous proliferation of constructive ideas from all stakeholders involved in ensuring strategy and agenda initiatives dignify and standardize national TVET holistically developed, and subsequently solutions related to issues and challenges the implementation of TVET can be broken down.

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