2023 Feng Shui Guide To Prosperity

2023 is symbolic of the element Water over Wood. Both are of the Yin polarity. In Feng Shui principles, Water supports Wood and therefore the year is seen to be complementary and the nature of Yin energies is viewed as gentle, accommodating, and related to the emergence of feminine control.

The Rabbit zodiac is also a Peach Blossom star by its own virtue and thus, 2023 is a year for singles who are looking for meaningful relationships or are getting married. Yin Water represents intelligence and emotions. Acting as the Academic Star, the outcome of peace and harmony is a distinct possibility.

Yin Water can be visualized as the morning dew on leaves and flowers. It is also transformative and can turn into water in the atmosphere, clouds, or rain showers. As such, 2023 is a year of changes in gentle phases.

The year brings inactivity and slow actualization. Do less and achieve more is the key to success.

Feng Shui Master Ken Koh

2023 Country Prospects

The Water Rabbit year brings a sense of calm and stability to markets. The recent interest rates rises will stabilize and add confidence to equity and stock markets, especially after the month of May. Economic activities will be spurred by the relative compromise in political situations in the West as well as the return of calm in the South China Seas disputes.

Singapore, symbolic of the Wood element, benefits from the supporting elements of Water and Wood. This is in default of the
changes created by the shutting of borders in China and Hong Kong. The uncertain political situation of Malaysia is another shot in the arm for Singapore’s position as the preferred destination for wealthy individuals and businesses. Adding to its dynamism, the presence of Fire element as the second half year’s driver for economic activities puts Singapore as a clear leader in the recovery process from inflationary and possible recessionary pressures.

Technology, artificial intelligence, alternative energy, social media platforms, payment gateways, medical breakthroughs, and recycled waste will benefit from the impact of climate change, carbon emission targets, and the push for sustainable energies.

Hong Kong, intricately linked to China’s policies, will see gradual opening up from 1Q2023 and in turn, a return to normalcy in China is expected at the same time. Economic growth will be gradual and this is not expected to bring about immediate results to both Hong Kong and China as the Rabbit year is synonymous with inactivity

Malaysia, with its change of leaders, will experience headwinds in its economic management and this can again result in Singapore’s favour. By the end of 2023, the US shall be approaching its election year and 2023 is not expected to bring about euphoria in the markets.

The uncertain political situation of Malaysia is another shot in the arm for Singapore’s position as the preferred destination for wealthy individuals and businesses

Thailand, in the middle of Southeast Asia by geography, is endowed with the ‘Academic Star’ giving it much push in attracting investments into the country. Inflation and possible recession aside, Thailand comparatively fares
better with tourism upticks.

Indonesia will do well if the domestic policies are pacified against rising costs. The ‘Conflict Star’ indicates unhappiness and given the political stability and clear leadership, Indonesia will see the value and financial inflow of funds which may fuel great performances in the financial markets between May and September 2023.

The US benefits by virtue of it being a Metal element by classification. Financially, US equities and stocks gain traction in June and peak in August 2023. Consolidation will follow and there is a possible month-long disruption to its traction from 7th October 2023

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