Bank Negara International Reserves Rises To US$114.6 Billion In December

Bank Negara reports the international reserves of the Central Bank amounted to USD114.6 billion as of 30 December 2022, the figure is much higher compared to US$109.7 billion in November.

The reserves level has taken into account the quarterly foreign exchange revaluation changes. The reserve position is sufficient to finance 5.2 months of imports of goods and services and is 1.0 times the total short-term external debt.

Here’s the breakdown based on assets and liabilities

Gold and Foreign Exchange and Other Reserves including SDRs503,285,359,153 *
Malaysian Government Papers12,821,955,059
Deposits with Financial Institutions2,936,790,129
Loans and Advances23,693,746,121
Land and Buildings4,141,643,863
Other Assets72,058,423,359
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