MGRC Forms Strategic Collaboration with SIRIM on R&D

The genomics and biopharmaceutical specialist has formed a strategic cooperation with SIRIM to explore the commercialisation of joint research and development (R&D) projects in the medical and biotechnology fields.

Under the strategic cooperation, both parties will evaluate the potential commercial value of a range of genomics-driven biotechnology R&D projects. These include developing biofuels and biopharmaceuticals, companion diagnostic tests for cancer treatment, and bioactive cosmeceuticals.

“SIRIM and Malaysian Genomics have complementary experiences, resources, and technology assets. Teams from both organisations have met to explore their research and develop interests in precision medicine, food security, and products for the consumer market,” Sasha Nordin, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Genomics remarked.

“This strategic collaboration will pave the way for individual agreements specific to projects for which commercial opportunities have been identified,” Sasha added.

“We look forward to working closely with Malaysian Genomics on R&D projects that can benefit the country and domestic industries. This strategic collaboration will expedite the relevant processes to ensure that both parties can explore the commercial viability of projects, before commencing research, development and commercialisation,” President and Group Chief Executive Officer of SIRIM, Dato’ Indera Dr Ahmad Sabirin Arshad said.

For the record, SIRIM is wholly-owned by the Malaysian Government, and is focused on R&D, standardisation and quality. It also acts as a catalyst for industrial development through programmes involving technology and standardisation.

The parties of this two-year strategic collaboration will also jointly source for suitable private and public institutional partners for the funding and commercialisation of these projects.

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