2023 Feng Shui Guide for Prosperity: Dog

Use Your Power Wisely and be Rewarded

Having the commanding energy behind your back says much about your ability to call the shots, turn in the success and benefit from acknowledgement of all around you. This is the work of the Grand Duke Combination Star. It can appear as a Noblemen or someone who is in higher authority backing up your plans and authorizing you to execute your plans.

Of the full suite, the highest-ranking star is the Emperor Star. This star comes with charisma
and the character of a leader. With this, 2023 will be a time of achievements and high status.

You should take this chance to network with high value communities and make efforts to speak up on your cause and support. The missing link is the proper timing and execution of plans.

In comes the Dragon Virtue who will do no wrong in implementing what is good for you. This star is the problem- solving star and at times, dissipating the negative situations for many other auxiliary stars and further enhancing others.

A partnership with Rabbit will surely bring in the money. This is also the best time to invest for the next two years.

Compatibility: Rabbit, Tiger and Horse

Lucky Months: March, February and June

Lucky Colours: Silver and Lavender

Luck Factor in 2023: 80%

Favoured Industries & Sectors: Management and Strategy – CEOs, Business Owners and Career Coaches

Career Prospects: In the driver’s seat – All eyes are on you and your abilities this year. Your
effectiveness and efficiency are in perfect gear. 2023 is the best time for your big move if you are planning it. Don’t procrastinate, grab the chance and put your foot in the door.

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