Greta Thunberg Briefly Detained by German Police While Protesting Coal Mine Expansion

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The Swedish climate activist was briefly detained by police at a protest over the controversial expansion of a western Germany coal mine.

To recap, the coal mine has become a flashpoint for that country’s climate debate.

Protests at Lützerath, a tiny village slated to be cleared and demolished to make way for the nearby Garzweiler coal mine, have grown massive and contentious over the past week.

There were at least 15,000 people demonstrated on last Saturday, which included Thunberg, 20, who has been among the world’s most prominent climate protesters since she addressed the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference as a teenager.

On Tuesday, she was among a group of protesters carried away by police after they approached the edge of the mine.

According to Reuters, she was released shortly after the detain.

Lützerath, about 15 miles from Germany’s western border, has been the focal point of the protests since a court approved its destruction about a decade ago.

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