Closed Since Tragedy, Hiking Sites And Recreational Forests Reopens In February

The Selangor State Forestry Department (JPNS) has announced the re-opening of eco-forest parks and hiking activities in the state from February 1.

In a Facebook post, JPNS said the re-opening covers six eco-forest parks and hiking trails in three forest reserves, which are in the Hulu Selangor Forest, Central Selangor Forest and Klang Coastal Forest, and asked the public to obtain a permit from the nearest district forestry offices there.

It also stated that the services of mountain rangers or guides for Selangor also come into force on the same date (February 1), covering 18 mountains and hills whereupon hikers must have a permit to access these locations.

The public can contact the Hulu Selangor Malim Association at 019-9194471 or the Selangor Forestry Rangers Association at 018-9741651 for forestry guide services.

JPNS in December last year issued a notice to close all picnic spots, camping sites and recreational forests under the department’s management, following instructions issued by the Selangor State Secretary. The country witnessed one of the worst natural disasters in recent times when a landslide struck a camping site in Batang Kali killing 31 people.

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