Bank Rakyat Introduces e-Lelong Ar-Rahnu, An Online Auction Platform

Bank Rakyat introduced an online auction platform, e-Lelong Ar-Rahnu to enable customers to bid on jewelry or Pajak Gadai-i gold items anywhere without interruption and pressure.

Bank Rakyat in a statement said that the introduction of the initiative aims to improve the productivity and efficiency of conducting auction sessions in real-time in addition to helping save customers’ time and ensuring that there is no leakage of information.

Through this platform, registered customers can access more in-depth information about auction item details, past transaction records, auction locations, and reserve prices more smoothly and easily. The identity of the bidder is also kept confidential which indirectly increases the transparency and integrity of the auction process.

The implementation of the Ar-Rahnu e-Auction platform shows the Bank’s continued commitment in adapting the platform’s reach to the Bank’s product and service offerings with customer needs and the changing environment through the use of technology and digitization in business operations.

For starters, the auction items offered are through 10 Bank Rakyat and Ar-Rahnu X’Change branches as follows:

  1. KL/Putrajaya
    • Ar-Rahnu X’Change Sentul
    • Ar-Rahnu X’Change Jalan Rakyat
    • Pandan Village Bank Rakyat branch
    • Jalan Tangsi Bank Rakyat branch
    • Bank Rakyat Bangsar branch
  2. Selangor
    • Ar-Rahnu X’Change Ampang
    • Ar-Rahnu X’Change Shah Alam
    • Ar-Rahnu X’Change Visits
    • Serdang Raya Bank Rakyat branch
    • Bank Rakyat Branch Section 23, Shah Alam

However, the offer for this initiative will be extended to all Bank Rakyat or Ar-Rahnu X’Change branches nationwide in stages.
Interested customers can visit the e-Auction website to register and follow Bank Rakyat’s official social media for any notifications of Pajak Gadai-i auctions. The auction session takes place every month on the 20th or 21st of the month.

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