Scattered TVET Programme Should Be Under One Ministry Says Hannah Yeoh

The Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) wants the government through the Ministry of Human Resources (KSM) to restructure the existing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme to avoid duplication and wastage in its implementation.

Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh said the TVET programme which is currently implemented by various ministries should be managed by only one ministry.

“This TVET is implemented by various ministries that have their own programmes, causing confusion for industry players after they (trainees) have completed training from the point of view of employment and so on.

“There is no need for all the ministries to do their own TVET programmes because it will look unmanaged as well as unfocused and there will be wastage,” she said

As an example, she said if a ministry allocates RM50 million for the purpose of upgrading its TVET programme but the student intake does not reach the maximum level, it will lead to waste on manpower issues in the future.

Hannah said that KBS is ready to cooperate with KSM for the purpose of restructuring and views that programmes implemented in TVET also need to remain relevant to the demands of today’s youth.

“There are many programmes that may have been popular when I was in school, but now with the gig economy, many young people care about flexible working hours. Their views are now also different towards TVET, if we still conduct programmes that do not attract attention, of course we will not be able to get the full participation of the youth,” she said.

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