TDCX Inc Launch First Digital CX Center of Excellence in Singapore.

The award-winning digital customer experience (CX) solutions provider has just launched its first Digital CX Center of Excellence in Singapore.

The Center will focus on leveraging technology to develop CX solutions that enable hyper personalized, seamless and secure customer engagement in both physical and virtual environments, such as in the metaverse.

Through the Center, TDCX will pilot and validate new CX models and the supporting emerging technology architecture, to develop practical real-world applications and use cases.

“CX has become a strategic differentiator for businesses and a key enabler for the growth of the digital economy in today’s experience-driven marketplace. As digital and physical experiences continue to blur, we want to pioneer customer engagement strategies that continue to deliver a human touch during those critical moments that matter most,” Mr Laurent Junique, Founder and CEO of TDCX remarked.

“The launch of our Digital CX Center of Excellence is the convergence of our digital innovation and consulting capabilities as well as operational mastery through talent leadership in Singapore. Over time, we have grown our client relationships at a global level. These clients are now looking for global strategic support,” he added.

In addition to percolating new CX strategies and acting as a global command center, TDCX Singapore will also develop best practices in data science and analytics to help businesses enhance cost efficiency in areas such as quality assurance automation. These best practices will be developed into playbooks to help businesses drive and deliver customer value and retention.

“Our clients are in a constant pursuit of optimization to maximize their finite resources. Amid the recent tech shake up, we see more clients coming to us to understand how they can enhance their CX strategy and standardize their operations globally. Our digital CX Center of Excellence will enable us to continue developing transformative CX solutions for our clients and further entrench our leadership in this market,” Ms Angie Tay said.

The Center is located at TDCX’s headquarters in Singapore and is led by Ms Angie Tay, Group Chief Operating Officer.

“The increasing complexity of the business landscape means that brands are constantly juggling multiple competing priorities. They are looking for trusted partners who understand their needs and can continually add value to the relationship. We have been advising our clients on a range of issues, such as benchmarking their CX approach against best practices and determining the optimal balance between technology and the human touch to drive the best CX outcomes,” Mr Ben Sun who heads TDCX’s Advisory and Transformation programs said.

“The launch of our digital CX Center of Excellence is timely as it enables us to address a vacuum in the market and establish ourselves as the partner of choice for brands looking to deliver great CX,” Ben Sun added.

To support the Center, TDCX has also set up a new Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) arm to invest in the technologies needed to drive CX innovation. The CVC will enable TDCX to take advantage of the innovative solutions that are already being incubated and developed in Singapore and South-East Asia.

Some of the technology that TDCX is looking into includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and natural language processing.

TDCX’s Digital CX Center of Excellence is the company’s latest initiative to help businesses leverage innovative CX solutions to win new customers, build customer loyalty and achieve their CX outcomes. It adds to TDCX’s existing capabilities through its Digital Innovation Lab based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which has been focused on developing new technology applications for the Group.

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