MGBF Roundtable Aims To Position Malaysia In SEA Digital Economy

The Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF) will be hosting a roundtable on ‘Designing the Future of the Digital Economy’ on Feb 23, 2023, with the objective of enhancing Malaysia’s position in Southeast Asia’s (SEA) digital economy.

The roundtable is the culmination of the first three MGBF Exclusive Roundtable Series titled ‘The Evolving Threat Matrix in the Digital Economy’ held throughout 2022.

In a statement today, MGBF’s founding chairman Nordin Abdullah said that this is the time to create a competitive edge through a business-led approach, empowered with the right policies and programmes implemented by the new administration.

The recent pandemic was a catalyst for rapid digitisation. The data shows that the trend has continued in Malaysia’s services sector and we will also be releasing additional data via the ‘Digital Economy and Innovation Report 2023’ during the upcoming forum.

“The natural evolution of the digital economy not only needs to be managed but also understood in a way that drives productivity, and this will be the only way that high-value jobs can be created and maintained in a future-facing economy,” he said.

MGBF noted that Malaysia is an investment destination for those aiming to expand their market share in the digital economy, which will further expand the trade and business opportunities in the country.

The multilateral and bilateral trade agreements have set the tone for this to become a reality,” it said.

The full-day event will cover four strategic topics, namely ‘Addressing Cyber Threats to Develop an Investor-Friendly Country’; ‘The Corporate Nexus and The Total Media Ecosystem’; ‘Strategic Opportunities in the Data-Driven Digital Economy’; and ‘The Digital Economy and Building an Equitable Future’.

“The keynote session will expand on the critical requirements of government strategy and future-facing policies for the digital economy,” it added.

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