KL Police Chief Asks Public Not To Share Police Presence Through Waze

Kuala Lumpur police have advised the public not to share information on police presence and roadblocks through the Waze navigation application. 

Police chief Datuk Azmi Abu Kassim said doing so will only hamper enforcement efforts against motorists driving under the influence of alcohol and those who commit other traffic offences. 

Azmi said road users should be aware of the dangers they face due to negligence from drunk drivers, or those running red lights, driving against the flow of traffic, and so on. Those who have never been affected by the misfortune caused by the carelessness and negligence of traffic offenders, will not be able to feel the pain and suffering victims’ families have to endure.

“And that is why it is my hope that the public, especially road users, will cooperate with the police instead of trying to help those who commit road offences,” he said.  

Waze a social navigation platform depends on user feedback to indicate traffic incidents including roadblocks or speed traps which often gives drivers a heads-up when nearing police blocks.

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