Vestland Awarded RM63 Million Contract To Build A 33 Storey Apartment In KL

Vestland Resources Sdn Bhd has accepted a Letter of Award from Rimbun Merdu Sdn Bhd to undertake the main building and associated works for one block of 33-storey service apartments and related facilities located at the city center Kuala Lumpur.

The project value is estimated to be Bandar Kuala Lumpur, RM63.1 million which involves Vestland supplying labour/workers,
materials, tools, equipment, and machinery for the construction, completion, and maintenance of the main building and associated works. The scope of works comprises complete piling works, architectural works, structural works, mechanical and electrical services, and external works within and outside lot boundaries.

Completion of the construction works under the Contract is to be thirty-four months from January 2023.

The Contract will have no effect on the issued share capital and substantial shareholdings of the Company as there is no issuance of new ordinary shares in the Company. Vestland Group expects the contract to contribute positively for the duration.

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