Agmo Releases Dashboard To Assist Charge Point Operators In Planning EV Stations

AGMO Holdings a digital solutions and application development specialist launched its new Electric Vehicle (EV) Dashboard for charge point operators (CPOs) that are equipped with a suite of intelligence about EV charging stations.

The dashboard is a tool that assists CPOs to plan the installation of their next charging station, by employing a scientific approach backed by data, as well as leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis technologies. The launch of this latest technology, which specifically addresses the commercial viability of EV-related solutions, marks an important milestone for the group.

Mr. Tan Aik Keong, Chief Executive Officer said “Armed with multiple sets of relevant data, the new Agmo EV Dashboard is a powerful tool that will provide valuable information to CPOs so they can make informed decisions about where to install charging stations, how many are needed, and where they should be strategically located. This will help CPOs optimise their return of investment (ROI) and ensure profitability for their investments, which are crucial aspects in ensuring long-term resiliency for both CPOs and EV users alike.”

On the back of the anticipated growth of the EV ecosystem in the country, Agmo has been developing a range of EV-related app solutions. To-date, Agmo has developed an app platform to locate the nearest EV stations and a backend system for EV charging stations for its customer. Tan adds that Agmo has the necessary skill sets and know-how to broaden its existing EV initiatives, and the launch of the Agmo EV Dashboard demonstrates its commitment to its ESG agenda as it continues to support business and social engagements and performs a key role in supporting the industries that could generate economic progress and environmental changes.

The development of this tool will help build a better EV ecosystem in Malaysia by preventing redundant charging points from being established due to lack of reliable data on which particular areas require more charging stations than others”.

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