Technology and Media, a Mix That Hate Rules

Technology is the better half of humankind, from ancient scriptures to modern literature, it has mentioned time and again how technology is the key which can blur the line separating time, space and distance.

Technology Like the Midas Touch

Technology has the liberating power and is like the Midas touch, whichever industry it has touched, it has liberated the same from the clutches of middlemen and helped a larger audience. Eg. E-commerce — it has changed the way we shop, we check prices of any item online even before buying it from retail stores. This has shifted the power in the hands of the buyers and they are aware of the fair price for everything. Seller/manufacturer also benefits as they get larger consumer base.

Cab aggregators — auto and cab drivers pouncing at travellers at railway stations and airports seem like a thing of past. With numerous apps providing cabs at the right value, the consumers feel liberated and so does the cab drivers as they end up earning more and are visibly more satisfied and happy.

From house help, to buy and sell, rental services technology has given wings to the activity which earlier would have been impossible due to constraints like time, distance and space. Many rules and unions tried to curb their growth worldwide, stop them from becoming the phenomenon but technology is not governed by rules, if it is good it will reach its destination.

Technology Taps Universal Consciousness

Media and technology is a very powerful mix as it has the power to topple a government; it can change the course of history and can carve a different future.

When technology intervenes and touches media industry, it liberates the entire industry from the ownership of middlemen, politicians and makes it a voice of masses. Since with technology, universal consciousness could be tapped it can become the voice of seven billion people and not just select few.

Media and Technology Create Platform to Voice Opinion

It gives every individual opportunity to raise their opinion and when right opinion resonates well it collects the critical mass required to bring positive change in the society.

This will resonate well with today’s scenario where media and freedom of speech itself are in question around the world. This cannot be stopped now, either the governments and institutions will have to live by this or will have to change for better.

Every individual walking on earth has a right to opinion. Media and technology can create platforms which can make this happen. If we go back to as mentioned in ancient scriptures, it has to blur the line between time space and distance and hence it cannot stop and follow existing rules as it has to break all barriers and create a different future.


We at Miscreen Media are in the process of building a similar platform with a mix that rules a platform which would be used to help millions. Technological environment today has already helped in the creation of a connected world with global communities and the next step would be to empower every individual.

This will help tap into universal consciousness and many more amazing things will come from that space. This is a momentum which cannot be stopped and rules are just there to be redefined and modified in this ever-evolving ecosystem which is bound to lead us to a very different future. Future full of hope and possibilities.

By Abhishek Chauhan, Founder, MiScreen (Multiple Intelligent Screen)

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