KPDN Says Touch N’ Go’s Initiative To Resolve Service Issues Insufficient

The Touch ‘n Go company’s initiative to resolve several issues related to TNG services is still insufficient, according to the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry (KPDN).

Therefore, a clear action plan, especially more detailed measures for improvement with regard to the issue of TNG services will be a focus at the upcoming KPDN special task force engagement session.

According to the ministry, there have been some immediate improvements made by the company within the given one-week period, such as increasing the number of cards up to 3.5 million cards this year compared to 2.68 million cards in 2022 following the shortage of TNG cards.

“The TNG company also sends notification emails through the e-wallet application one month before the card expires.

“On the issue of return and refund of the card balance, TNG will examine and implement the refund process immediately to the user after the concession company conducts an investigation, verification and approval as well as advocacy related to the function of the TNG visa card,” the ministry said in a statement yesterday.

It added that TNG also sent notices to e-commerce platforms to remove all unregistered TNG product sales advertisements, as well as notices to oil company operators, retailers and authorised distributors to sell TNG cards at the set price and to limit one card per customer.

Last January, KPDN established a special team to look into TNG issues highlighted by the public.

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