Practicum Spearheads Digital Transformation Journey To Bridge Divide for SMEs, Businesses

Practicum, an international boot camp company, will be setting up its much sought-after training programmes in Malaysia. As a key player in the online learning industry for data-related courses, Practicum is dedicated to empowering all individuals to develop new-found skill sets and enabling them to tap into new opportunities in tech which is in alignment with the government’s efforts to drive digitalisation across the country.

The online courses offered by Practicum are practice-oriented boot camps for Data Science and Data Analytics. These courses are aimed at helping motivated career switchers break into tech and have been designed to teach in-demand skills in data analysis and data science to help its graduates land jobs in these highly coveted industries.

Practicum’s dedication to facilitating career switching into tech and nurturing digital talents is in line with the Malaysian government’s efforts to drive digitalisation in the country. Based on the recent 2023 budget announcement, the Malaysian government has allocated RM 1 billion in funds to aid micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to automate their processes and digitalise their businesses.

Herdian Mohammad, the Southeast Asia Director of Practicum, remarked, “Our goal is to bridge the skills gap and ensure that Malaysians are constantly reskilling themselves and are equipped to advance in the ever-changing workplace.”

“We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to learn and grow, regardless of their background or previous experience. By providing accessible data-driven education, we can help all Malaysians build a brighter future for themselves and their communities,” added Herdian.

Practicum’s courses are focused on teaching essential skills and knowledge that are highly sought after in today’s digital age. These courses are particularly beneficial for individuals without an IT background who seek to explore new career opportunities in the tech industry amidst the rapid pace of digitalization. Be it to reskill or upskill, the hands-on training offered to students will fully equip them with the necessary knowledge to not only kick-start their career switch to the tech field but also to refine their existing prowess.

With a dedicated Career Acceleration Program, Practicum supports its alumni with job search guidance, interview preparation, and networking opportunities to boost their chances of success. In addition, Practicum’s curriculum includes soft skills training, such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, which are highly valued by employers. By equipping its graduates with both technical and soft skills, Practicum ensures that its alumni are well-equipped to succeed in their new careers and make valuable contributions to the tech industry.

Practicum has made significant strides in reskilling and upskilling individuals for the digital era with an impressive 80% employment rate for the boot camps’ graduates. The flexibility of its online courses has enabled Practicum to empower people from diverse backgrounds, including women and other underrepresented groups, to secure employment within the technology industry by presenting them with the opportunity to embark on new pathways. Practicum’s commitment to delivering practical training and career support has helped many of its alumni secure employment in the technology sector.

For those looking to embark on a digital career transformation, Practicum currently offers free introductory webinar slots from Mondays to Fridays, at 7.30 pm. Attendees of the webinars will get to understand how Practicum’s coding boot camps work and how it can be applied in various IT fields.

Practicum’s dedication to driving digitalisation in Malaysia’s workforce is a milestone towards cultivating a stronger and more resilient economy. With its innovative online learning programs, Practicum is helping individuals and businesses stay agile in the digital age.

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