A Lush Green Retreat To Will Away The Strain Of City Life – MyGopeng Resort

Many city folk would often jump for a chance to spend a day within a natural forest taking in the beauty of Malaysia’s flora and fauna.

A two hour and half hour drive north of Kuala Lumpur along the NSE would lead one to Gopeng, a historical tin-mining town, now famous for its ecotourism and outdoor activities.

Gopeng is surrounded by the peninsula’s main mountains range, rivers, waterfalls, caverns, ponds, and settlements which boasts and promises a fantastic adventure experience.

One such venue is the MyGopeng Retreat which allows a nature lover to encounter a much needed relaxing and comfortable break from city life. Check into its Riverstone cabins which offers fully air-conditioned rooms with heated rain-style showers and kitchenettes after an adventure-filled day. Every guest is free to use the common and spacious dining room, kitchen, and lounge areas in the main house.

There are also fire pits outside for barbecuing beckoned by the sunset. Senior citizens and children alike can wonder around or jump into the natural pool or hop on to one of its large floats to unwind in the water.

Tranquil atmosphere of MyGopeng Resort also offers passionate outdoor enthusiasts a chance to be with nature and has been a earmarked training facility with limitless adventure opportunities.

The resort seems to answer the call for peace amidst a lush surrounding for those who are overly stressed by a busy lifestyle surrounded by a cool, refreshing breeze often throughout the day.

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