Anthony Loke Wants Lifts In All Cmmuter Stations Within A Year

Commuter stations must be equipped with lifts within a one-year period, and big stations still without this facility will be given priority under the first phase of the project, said Transport Minister Anthony Loke.

He said this target had been set for the Railway Assets Corporation (RAC) to speed up the process of installing lifts at stations which still do not have this facility.

This was because there had been frequent public complaints that the lack of lifts at commuter stations had inconvenienced travellers, especially persons with disabilities, senior citizens and pregnant women, he said.

“For commuter stations still without lifts, we hope they can have the facility within one year,” he said when launching the Railway Assets Intelligence System (RAILS) mobile app, which was developed by RAC, here today.

Loke said RAC had been directed to prepare an audit report together with Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) for urgent submission to the ministry regarding stations which should be given priority in the provision of facilities.

“Make an audit and table a report on stations which are in need. The audit should be done fast, for submission to the ministry within a month,” he added.

He said RAC has the capability and financial means to provide facilities at stations as it collects rental revenue.

RAC looks after rail assets, including land along railway lines, and manages land for commercial development.

Loke said the RAILS app offers online railway assets rental applications to make it easier for the public to become business partners of RAC.

About 1,300 renters are expected to use RAILS to do business with RAC, thus solving the problem of collection agents and bureaucratic red tape.

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