Finworld, A Story Of Zero To Hero

For most people, they could not imagine Finworld Technology CEO Simon Liau as a man associated with failure. But Simon had no trouble recalling the tough years when Finworld had seemed but a faraway dream. 

He worked multiple odd jobs to scrounge up the money to start his own company, from selling cheap air tickets at public booths to supplying crystal bracelets.

Driven by the determination to prevent other business owners from falling into similarly dire financial straits, Simon took on the behemoth task of rebooting and restructuring Finworld entirely. 

He saw new opportunities in penetrating the business-to-business market with data-backed investment education solutions, particularly because so many Malaysian companies were struggling with skyrocketing operational costs.

This helped him streamline his business core, to focus on integrating both quantitative and qualitative market analyses to generate data-driven insights and investment strategies. Simon also tailored campaigns for new investors and pooled sufficient capital bit by bit.

The result was more than just a return from the brink of bankruptcy. Finworld is now a Bursa Malaysia-certified investment software company valued at RM10 million.

Simon himself recently became the first-ever trainer to teach quantitative analysis of the Malaysian stock market and has been certified by the Human Resource Development Corporation for his courses. He also provides coaching and resources on the side to various corporations, investment banks, and even universities. 

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