H&M Shoppers Can Now Try On Clothes Virtually With TryInOn’s 3D Virtual Fitting Room Tech

A new era in both retail and online shopping is here with the introduction of TryItOn’s 3D Virtual Fitting Room technology. This cutting-edge technology allows shoppers to try on clothes virtually and see how they look and fit before making a purchase. With 3D Virtual Fitting Room technology, shoppers can enjoy a more personalized and interactive  shopping experience. 

TryitOn’s 3D Virtual Fitting Room technology uses advanced computer graphics to create  a virtual version of the shopper. Using a camera or a smartphone, shoppers can take a picture of themselves and upload it onto the website. The technology will then create a 3D model of the shopper, allowing them to see how clothes fit on their virtual body. 

TryitOn’s 3D Virtual Fitting Room, equipped with Augmented Reality was developed by a Malaysian start up, in collaboration with an international university here in Malaysia. The technology was put into development with the help of professors and artificial intelligence engineers. 

The 3D Virtual Fitting Room technology is easy and quick to use. Shoppers simply choose  the clothes they want to try on. They can then see how the clothes fit on their virtual body and make adjustments as needed. The technology allows shoppers to view the clothes  from different angles and in different lighting conditions to get a better idea of how they look. 

TryitOn includes 3D Facial Reconstruction and Augment Reality into its 3D Virtual Fitting Room. This offers several benefits to both shoppers and retailers. For shoppers, it provides a personalized and interactive shopping experience. They can try on clothes  virtually and see how they look before making a purchase, increasing engagement. For retailers, it can help increase sales and reduce costs associated with returns and  exchanges.

TryitOn will have its 3D Virtual Fitting Room technology on display at Sunway Pyramid  mall, Lower Ground 2nd Floor (LG2.08A) – in front of Gigi Coffee. The event will last from April 12 to 16.. Users, shoppers and business representatives are more than welcomed to drop by and try it on, virtually. 

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