Maybank Customers Can Now Temporarily Block Cards If Suspected Scam

Maybank’s earlier Kill Switch security function now has been enhanced with an additional feature that allows account holders to swiftly and conveniently temporarily block the usage of their credit and charge cards should they suspect a compromise on their cards.

The new security add-on is part of the bank’s ongoing efforts to further enhance its online banking security and a strong commitment to combat online scams by empowering its customers to take immediate control of their credit and charge cards and ensure that their funds are safe and protected.

Prior to this new feature, Maybank had enabled customers the option to freeze their MAE card and to also temporarily deactivate their Maybank2u access. To further strengthen online banking security & create a more secure digital platform for its customers, Maybank’s Secure2u has been the only authorisation method for online transactions (FPX) for all amounts since 5th April 2023.

The new add-on feature can be activated via Maybank2u web or MAE app and once enabled, all outgoing transactions on the blocked credit and charge card will not be processed.

For security reasons, once blocked, customers can only reactivate their cards by successfully verifying themselves at the nearest branch or via Maybank Group Customer Care at 1300 88 6688. This will also prevent scammers or any unauthorised parties from further accessing their cards.

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