Your Checklist Before You Drive Home For Raya!

Hari Raya is next week! To ensure you have a smooth ride back home, this simple checklist is just in case you’ve forgotten something! The basics for your vehicle in tyres, fluids and more. Bookmark and check back for up updates as we also will let you know the places to stop for a coffee at the petrol stations.


Your tyres are the most important aspect of the vehicle you simply cannot ignore. They are the only contact you have with the road. Without enough grooves, grip and properly inflated tyres, you run the chance of losing traction and things could get ugly. It is a pretty common sight to witness under-inflated tyres on the road – the main cause for higher fuel consumption due to the increased rolling resistance.

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Remember to check air pressure of the tyres, and respect load capacity. Cramming everyone and everything together on this ‘Balik Kampung’ trip but tyres loaded beyond their maximum loads can build up excessive heat that could result in sudden bursts. Your brakes won’t work as effectively, and maneuvering from sudden emergencies could spin your vehicle out of proper control. We certainly do not wish for that to happen. Also ensure that you have the tools to change your tyres should there be a flat, and have your spare tyre inflated too!

Oh yes, don’t forget about your brakes as well. You need them to stop the car at the shortest possible time during an emergency.

Engine Oil and Other Fluids

There is a reason why car brands offer up their services before the long Raya journey. Ensuring that your vehicle is serviced with new fluids including engine oil, transmission, power steering, brakes and washers. Make sure that oil levels are at an optimum via the dip stick or through your car’s onboard computer. To save the trouble, bringing your car to a service centre and let them do the job for you. Not too hard is it?


Also, make sure to check and service your radiator and to top it up with actual coolant, and try not to use tap water. That being said, it would be wise to keep at least two 1.5-litre bottles of distilled water to refill the radiator in the event that it overheats.

Headlamps & Signal

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See that stalk coming out of your steering column? One of them represents the car’s indicator. Depending on the layout, it’s either up for right and down for left. Also check your head and tail lamps and make sure they are in working order before you go on that long road trip. That’s for night driving when you need visibility to see ahead. If your lamp units are clouded, you could use toothpaste to clean them out or send it to a detailer to get them looking brand new.

Gadgets to Keep You on Track

It’s modern times! Maps are digital now, and in our mobile phones! Whether you use Garmin, TomTom, Waze or Google Maps, ensure that your devices are charged! This ensures that you know where you’re heading when it comes to rerouting to B-roads or to avoid the crazy traffic. Don’t forget to carry along power banks and phone cable to charge your phones along the way.

Food and Snacks

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Be sure to stock up on snacks, finger food and drinking water. It’s not a must to prepare your own food but do remember that you could be stuck in a jam that lasts hours. At the same time, you enjoy the luxury and flexibility of eating whenever you want and save the cost of buying from rest stops as well.

Be Ready for an Emergency

You never know when you would encounter an emergency on the road, knock on wood. It’s never be too late to be prepared for the inevitable. Make sure you have a first aid kit, basic emergency tools, road assistance numbers ready with you.

Checklist for Family

Music makes the world go round! Entertainment not only for yourself, but your children at the back seat as well! Make sure they’re occupied so the drive won’t be too long. Of course your children needs to be in child seats for safety. This gets the mood going and helps everyone to be in the best of moods. Karaoke it out on the road!

By Carsome

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