Elaf And LaundryZone Partner To Operate Laundry Facilities In Makkah

Saudi-based Elaf Group has entered into a strategic partnership with LaundryZone, a Malaysian brand which has achieved another milestone in the region by becoming the first Malaysian premium laundry company to provide this service in Saudi Arabia.

The agreement indicates collaboration to lease and operate Elaf’s laundry facility in Makkah, one of the leading facilities in the holy city. The three-year agreement was signed by LaundryZone Chief Executive Officer Noor Hayati Basri and Elaf Group Vice President Majed Saud Kaki.

“We aim to start factory operations before the Hajj season this year and are open to strategic partnership opportunities with travel agencies to provide laundry services specifically to Hajj and Umrah pilgrims through these agencies. Plans for self-service laundry cafes in Makkah will also follow suit within a few months after that. The opportunity to become one of the largest laundry service providers is not only a significant achievement for LaundryZone but also enhances the image of the facilities provided by Saudi Arabia to guests, especially in Makkah,” said Hayati.

The initial investment value for this collaboration is estimated to be at RM15 million and under this agreement, LaundryZone has also been entrusted to manage and operate laundry services for hotels under Elaf Group.

Noor Hayati further explained that the self-service laundry cafes in Saudi Arabia will be established in strategic urban areas of Jeddah, Madinah, and Riyadh. Among the facilities to be provided at the cafe are ironing facilities, self-service food machines, main counters selling food and drinks, as well as comfortable seating in a conducive atmosphere. Along with the self-service laundry facilities, LaundryZone will also introduce technological services through digital applications that suit the needs of today’s consumers.

“The services provided through the partnership of LaundryZone and Elaf Group are aligned with the Kingdom’s goal of enhancing the quality and variety of services offered to pilgrims, as the number of visitors to the holy sites is expected to rise significantly in the future years,” said Trade Consul Of The Commercial Section Of The Consulate General Of Malaysia In Jeddah Faizalkhan Jaafar.

Under Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom aims to increase the number of pilgrims to 30 million by improving the delivery of services in logistics, healthcare, technology, and the tourism sector, among others.

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