Rock Sugar Maker From Humble Beginnings

Starting in a traditional kitchen with only a sack of cane sugar as the sole capital to start a business, Sweet Home Candied Products Sdn Bhd now emerged as the main producer of rock sugar in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Its Managing Director, Vincent Teh Chun Hwa said, the family business was started in a very simple way by his father, Teh Sey Meng in Jinjang, Kepong, in 1974.

Initially the company was named Teh Sey Ming Candied Melon Factory (TSM) and in line with business development, in 2000 the company was changed to a new name which is Sweet Home Candied Products Sdn Bhd (Sweet Home).

According to Vincent Teh Chun Hwa, the business started spreading by word of mouth and with the excellent reputation shown by the company, Sweet Home continued to grow rapidly.

“In 2010, we moved to the Rawang industrial area which housed a larger office and was equipped with more modern manufacturing equipment to further increase rock sugar production.

“Since this company was founded by my father, we have prioritized the quality of product production. It is not only a complement to other drinks and foods but is guaranteed to satisfy users.

“For 40 years we have worked tirelessly to produce high quality rock sugar. With decades of experience, we are now experts in the field of rock sugar production who have successfully dominated the market in Malaysia and throughout Southeast Asia,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sweet Home’s Marketing Representative, Amirul Ashraf, said the company’s success is because it believes it is important to meet the high standards required by the Malaysian Food Industry and there is no compromise in quality.

Accordingly, with all diligence and hard work, Sweet Home successfully obtained GMP, HACCP, HALAL and FSSC22000 certificates.

“Why rock sugar is different from regular refined sugar because it gives a better taste and texture when we use it than refined sugar. It also goes through a crystallization process for 168 hours (seven days).

“Rock sugar is not only better for health than regular sugar but it also adds more flavor to all types of dishes because of its unique taste.

“Compared to competitors, the rock sugar produced by Sweet Home has obtained a FSSC22000 certified rock sugar manufacturing certificate in Malaysia and we are also the first rock sugar manufacturer to be certified halal by JAKIM,” he said.

Sweet Home also produces Longan and Ginger drinks as well as Rock Sugar, Brown Sugar, Yellow Rock Sugar and Honeycomb Sugar.

Sweet Home uses proven and best management practices at every step of the production process to ensure product safety.

“We are a leader in food safety and quality. Our Food Safety and Quality Assurance team consists of a group of experts from every field of food safety, who are regularly trained in best practices.

“Our food safety philosophy is that, if we are not confident in our product, we will not sell it to the consumer.

“We have a strict system that is closely followed by overseeing compliance audits, assisting with various food safety certifications and interacting with all regulatory agencies to ensure we meet high standard regulatory requirements,” he said.

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