Singapore To Boost Connectivity, Tourism And Education With Kelantan And Terengganu

Singapore wants to boost connectivity and interaction with more Malaysian states, beyond just the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, in an effort to uplift cross-border cooperation and tourism.

More collaboration is also on the cards in other areas such as development and education, said Singapore’s Second Foreign Affairs Minister Maliki Osman.

These topics, as well as urban planning and agriculture, were discussed during his visit to the northeastern Malaysian states of Terengganu and Kelantan.

“The relationship between Singapore and Malaysia is strong and must continue to remain strong,and it should go beyond the relationship between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur alone,” Dr Maliki  said.

“It’s about telling our Malaysian friends that we value that relationship and we want to support growth in all the different states, and build up possible collaboration.”The five-day trip marked Dr Maliki’s first official visit to Malaysia’s east coast states in his capacity as Second Foreign Affairs Minister.

Wrapping up the visit, the minister highlighted tourism as an area in which Singapore can better support its neighbours.

He noted that it is now difficult to travel to the pristine beaches along Malaysia’s east coast, which were once a haven for tourists, known for white sands and clear blue waters.

“We used to have direct flights from Singapore to Kelantan, and Singapore to Terengganu, but that stopped a couple of years back,” he said.  

Dr Maliki invited the two states to set up tourism offices in Singapore so that more travellers can head over more easily.

“The leaders agree that one way for us to really improve on that relationship, and support tourism in both states, is to look at connectivity. And we welcome the two states’ efforts in promoting tourism,” he said.

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