Traffic Congestion Builds Up As Malaysians Rush Back For Work Tomorrow

The Police and north-south highway operator are taking all efforts to help ease the traffic flow back into the city including activating two smart lanes for commuters to use as the other lanes become chock a block with vehicles.

With a mass exodus taking place in the last few days with Muslims and even some holidaymakers taking advantage of the long weekend to head out of Klang Valley, a reverse exodus is taking place as all decide to return on the same causing heavy flow on all direction heading into the city.

According to Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department director Datuk Seri Mat Kasim Karim, the usage of smart lanes or emergency lanes is along the two routes involving Kilometer (KM) 259 Port Dickson junction to KM263 Seremban junction north and KM19 Senai junction to KM27 Kulai junction north. “The high flow of vehicles from the south, north, and east towards the capital city is causing congestion in some places where the roads ascend and those were lanes converse from three to two lanes.

The smart lane aims to optimise the use of all lanes including opening the leftmost space as a temporary lane to increase lane capacity and help smooth traffic flow.

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