OGAWA Unveils Latest Innovation, The MAESTRO

OGAWA, the leading brand in the wellness industry, is proud to announce the launch of its newest product: the OGAWA MAESTRO – powered by OVERSEER, with the tagline “Pioneering The Future of Wellness.” This innovative massage chair is designed to provide an immersive and perfect massage experience by integrating touch, vision, hearing, and smell, facilitated by a next-gen AI control system called OVERSEER.

The OGAWA MAESTRO – powered by OVERSEER is the first to incorporate multi-sensory stimulation (MSS) in providing a genuinely comprehensive massage experience. This technology implements red light therapy to improve sleep quality, negative ion therapy to strengthen immunity, and music therapy with binaural beats to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

The OVERSEER AI control system is the foundation of the OGAWA MAESTRO experience. It utilises advanced algorithms to detect the body’s condition each time an individual sits down, creating an adaptive program that selects the appropriate massage features required to destress, rejuvenate and recover. This next-gen AI technology is focused on both physical and mental wellness, designed to alleviate modern-day problems such as work stress, bad diets, and prolonged computer use.

Moreover, the OGAWA MAESTRO is equipped with AI precision sensors and an AI fatigue tracker to deliver a pinpoint, personalised massage experience. It features 4D thermo rollers that heat up to 50°C in 2.5 minutes, a 4D gearbox that simulates a human-like touch, and a 3D calves massage for comprehensive leg care. The chair also includes a Japanese M.5 Gen™ microprocessor for optimal performance and acupoint detection technology for precise acupressure point detection.

The chair’s air pressure therapy guides the user to breathe deeply, calmly, and naturally, providing the benefits of yoga without ever having to leave the chair. The brand-new AI control suite OVERSEER has been refined to balance the user’s body requirements with their preferred massage experience; and can be operated through voice commands, offering a touchless and hassle-free experience.

OGAWA’s continuous joint research with Universiti Malaya aims to further improve the future of wellness for all. Their first joint research project showed that the OGAWA M6 Deep Tissue Auto Program led to a significant improvement of up to 81.32% in blood circulation. Subsequently, the M6 Sweet Dream Auto Program recorded an impressive increase of 88.73% in sleep quality and efficiency. With more future collaborations, these initiatives represent an opportunity to explore further, innovate and advance the benefits of wellness and massage therapy.

Building upon the continuous innovation OGAWA has furthered since 1996, the OGAWA MAESTRO – powered by OVERSEER has demonstrated itself to be a state-of-the-art massage chair that combines advanced technology with comprehensive massage features, making it the perfect solution for those seeking a genuinely holistic and practical wellness experience.

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