Ninja Mart Launched To Enable Brands Reach Rural Customers

Ninja Van Malaysia recently introduced Ninja Mart, a distribution platform that connects brands and their products to rural shops and independent retailers.

Ninja Mart provides a one-stop-shop solution that enables brands to get their products into the hands of rural consumers through an extensive network of small retailers. Leveraging Ninja Van’s tech-drive logistics solutions, Ninja Mart allows brands to effectively target rural consumers. Brands can leverage the platform’s established relationships with rural store owners to ensure that their products are being marketed to the right customers.

In Malaysia, Ninja Mart has partnered with Julie’s Biscuits to expand their brand exposure to the rural areas. Since partnering with Ninja Mart, Julie’s Biscuits has been able to further expand their outlets as well as expand into HORECA outlets by leveraging Ninja Mart’s wide network of HORECA outlets.

In addition to expanding Julie’s Biscuits’ reach in the East Coast, Ninja Mart has a wide network of HORECA outlets that they can leverage to help the brand reach even more potential customers in Malaysia. This partnership between Julie’s Biscuits and Ninja Mart resulted in multi-gains for both parties, including increased sales, improved customer loyalty, and enhanced brand reputation.

With a team of over 200 sales professionals, Ninja Mart offers the ideal solution for FMCG brands comprising a reliable sales team, technology integration, and the opportunity for businesses to expand further into rural regions. With strong on-ground sales support, Ninja Mart provides weekly store visits across 10 urban and rural markets in Malaysia.

Furthermore, the team is able to identify the retailer’s needs, interests, and preferences by frequent outlet visits. Through this data, Ninja Mart helps these brands and retailers create targeted messaging and better inventory recommendations to ensure these businesses remain competitive.

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