Ronaldo Teams Up With Binance For Exclusive NFTs

Ronaldo will be the face of a global campaign to market NFT technology. Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world, views the Portuguese star as the perfect ambassador to help onboard billions of soccer fans to Web3.

The news caught many soccer fans off guard. Binance released a series of behind-the-scenes photos from a forthcoming marketing campaign featuring Ronaldo, instantly alerting fans to the partnership.

The response so far has been positive. Crypto devotees hope this trend will continue and Ronaldo will leverage his social media presence and almost universal appeal to change how the public views NFTs and crypto.

How Can Fans Purchase the Ronaldo NFTs?

We haven’t received any information about the upcoming NFT drops yet. However, Ronaldo did release a collection on Binance NFT in November. It was a huge success. Fans oversubscribed to the drop and it sold out quickly. Additionally, the collection’s rarest NFTs sold at auction for an average of $22,800.

Ronaldo provided utility to these rare NFTs by holding an on-camera chat with holders. By doing so, he gave a glimpse into what his role will be for Binance NFT. He will lend his time and celebrity to fan interaction and foster a sense of connection between himself and NFT collectors.


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