Industry Leaders Come Together to Shape Future Of Digital Transformation At ‘Cracking IoT Conference Chapter 2′

Edgenta NXT, a subsidiary of UEM Edgenta has partnered with Disrupt-X to present the highly anticipated ‘Cracking IoT Conference Chapter 2’.

Edgenta NXT and Disrupt-X aims to bring together various global industry leaders to discuss and deliberate on the key benefits of Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and Digitalization towards shaping a digitally empowered nation at the one-day event which was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

With IoT serving as a catalyst for change, the conference offered many profound insights, fostering a rich eco-system of knowledge sharing and best practices.

The ’Cracking IoT Conference Chapter 2’ emphasised the impact of new technologies across diverse sectors, from healthcare and manufacturing to transportation and smart cities.

UEM Edgenta have shifted from service providers to value-adding partners and have demonstrated clear efficiency to asset owners by delivering sustainable and smart facilities management solutions through their tech arm, Edgenta NXT.

“The future of Asset Management and Facility Management (FM) in the next coming years will be the defining years for next-generation solutions in the FM market that will be fully tech-enabled. Edgenta NXT is excited to be at the forefront of this transformation. This paradigm shift in turn, draws investments, drives job creation, and enhance the quality of life for communities,” said Marien Kamal, CEO of Edgenta NXT.

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