IBM Celebrating 62 Years of Innovation in Malaysia

2023 marks IBM commemorating 62 years of innovation and technology progress in Malaysia. Throughout this period, the company has been instrumental in propelling the nation towards technological prosperity, underscoring the role of technology in nation-building.

“For more than six decades and counting, IBM continues to be a critical backbone of Malaysia’s digital economy. We are proud to have achieved many important milestones that have sparked the continuous growth of Malaysia.” said Catherine Lian, Managing Director and Technology Leader, IBM Malaysia.

“IBM is helping businesses in every industry – from financial institutions to manufacturing, telecommunication, and energy as well as government agencies that deliver public services to the rakyat – adopt and infuse technologies into their products and services,” she added.

Investments continues to drive digital transformation in Malaysia

Within today’s pervasive digital landscape, businesses in Malaysia are focused on building data-driven and predictive organisations, intelligently automated, risk-aware and secure, built for agility and speed, and sustainable in today’s highly competitive environment.

To help clients solve their most pressing business problems, IBM continues to invest in all the necessary technology; IT infrastructure, software and consulting expertise. It is focused on applying the two most transformational technologies – hybrid cloud and AI – to help businesses accelerate their digital strategy.

IBM is focused on AI for business, differentiating itself from competitors by giving organizations the key capabilities needed to scale AI: natural language processing, trust, automation and the ability to run anywhere across any hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

This year,  IBM introduced Watsonx a comprehensive AI platform that facilitates the integration of AI across all aspects of the business process. Watsonx empowers organisations in Malaysia to scale and speed up AI impact by leveraging data from any source throughout their operations. IBM’s Watsonx platform incorporates generative AI capabilities, enabling organisations to tap into this innovative technology and unlock its potential.

On top of that, IBM also continues to invest in the community by collaborating with public and private educational institutions; University Malaysia Terengganu, Politeknik Balik Pulau, to name a few to enhance the development of a digital workforce by bringing edge-cutting knowledge-based education, job-role competency certification and continuous support on professional skills needed by the industry through the IBM SkillsBuild initiative.

“IBM technology investments, combined with strategic collaborations with its partner ecosystems are contributing to the advancement of the country’s digital infrastructure while empowering the nation to accelerate its digital talent readiness for the future of work,” Catherine further explained.

Transforming sustainability ambition into action with technology

To put sustainability goals into action, organisations need workable strategies and solutions that are specific to their needs. Finding the right partner to help them build strategic roadmaps will enable Malaysia’s organisations to be more responsible and profitable.

What sets IBM apart is the company’s unique ability to take different pieces of technologies be it hardware or software – before bringing and weaving them altogether through ways that create long-lasting value for clients.

Earlier this year, IBM Malaysia introduced its AI-driven software, Envizi, to streamline Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, and automate the connection between environmental initiatives and daily operations.

Further, advanced systems like IBM LinuxONE will not only halve physical space but also reduces energy consumption by 75%, bringing carbon dioxide emissions down by over 850 metric tons annually, compared with similar industry-standard servers running similar workloads.

“As we embark on the next leg of our journey, we are excited by the belief that our most innovative solutions are yet to come. Here’s to another 62 years of technological excellence, nation-building, and commitment to a sustainable future,” she added.

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