The St. Regis Langkawi Presents a Stellar Limited-Edition Menu to Celebrate Launch of House of Celebration this Summer

A culinary discovery awaits today’s tastemakers at The St. Regis Langkawi with artfully-curated cuisines to luxuriate the senses. Continuing the timeless traditions and storied festivities of the Astor family that have laid the foundation of the St. Regis brand, the resort’s award-winning signature dining venue, Kayuputi, invites guests to embark on a new journey through an immersive tale of local flavours that celebrates the essence of the different states in Malaysia with a captivating 8-course menu for the launch of the new season at the House of Celebration exquisitely themed around the celebration of places. A revelry of refined textures, tastes and presentations featuring the finest of locally sourced ingredients and marvellous reimaginations of distinctly different cultural cuisines, the limited-edition flavours of summer are celebrated in the Exquisite Journey Menu.

Exclusively curated by the dining venue’s Chef De Cuisine, Shahfi Yusoff, the enchanting Exquisite Journey Menu introduces a line-up of innovative cuisines that offers a unique culinary experience as rich in culture as it is in flavours. Paying homage to Malaysia’s rich heritage, culture and bounties, the cuisines presented within the menu perfectly capture the essence of Malaysia whilst staying true to the avant-garde spirit of the House of Astor. In addition, to emulate a unique dining experience that stimulates the guest’s visual and gustatory senses through an immersion of delectable cuisine and vibrant hues, Chef Shahfi Yosoff resonated with the sophisticated design of the dining venue when conceptualising the menu.

From the Heritage Bites featuring Char Siu Bidor Duck with Organic Egg Floss and Rose Cookies with Sarawak Black Pepper and Trout Roe to stimulate the appetite to the dessert featuring Textures of the Seasonal Harum Manis Mango, the menu takes guests on an exploration of Malaysian flavours compiled with authenticity using the freshest ingredients presented in the elegant ambience of Kayuputi designed by world-renowned architect Bill Bensley.

The masterpiece for the 8-course menu is the chef’s unique rendition of the traditional Malaysian Asam Pedas presented as a risotto, elegantly topped with locally sourced Andaman snapper and fragrant ginger flower. “In presenting a truly Malaysian culinary experience, consciously-sourced local ingredients that innate flavours through a foundation of modernist cooking technique take centre stage to impress discerning gastronomes that grace Kayuputi from every corner of the world whilst ensuring an exquisite dining experience,” says Chef Shahfi Yusoff.

As Kayuputi continues to elevate the overall dining experience, the dining venue will present unique cocktails created for The Art of Drinking program. Lounging over the ocean, Kayuputi is Mr. Bensley’s interpretation of an art collector’s beachside holiday home. From the century-old wooden doors repurposed from the Dutch embassy in Yangon to the life-sized necklace made with repurposed shells found ashore, art masterpieces adorn every corner of Kayuputi. The highlight of the dining venue is the overwater hammocks perched at the Pavilion Bar, which is the perfect spot for evening aperitifs whilst basking in the unmatched sunset vista from Langkawi’s best address. The selection of enchanting cocktails menu from The Art of Drinking program provides guests with an unexpectedly delightful sensory experience with specially concocted cocktails by the resort’s talented Beverage Manager, Mohd Fharkrimie Mohd Shaari, including Kantan Island Spritz featuring ginger flower syrup, sweet & sour, soda and topped with Champagne or the Colonial Colada featuring Malibu rum, coconut cream, palm sugar, and blue pea flower.

With an aspiration to transcend the ordinary in every way, Kayuputi promises to take guests on an exquisite culinary journey, captivating the senses with the Exquisite Journey Menu and an elegant ambience this summer. From July 5 to August 31, 2023, guests are invited to embark on expeditions of culinary tastes and traditions at The St. Regis Langkawi.

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