Tissot Sideral: A Watch That Dares to Be Different

Introducing the Tissot Sideral, a bold reinterpretation of the iconic 1970s Sideral S watch. This eye-catching timepiece masterfully combines state-of-the-art materials with a vintage aesthetic that’s vibrant, sporty, and fashionable. Tissot’s rich heritage of crafting remarkable watches lives on in the Sideral, making it the perfect accessory for those who embrace a fun, adventurous lifestyle and wish to infuse a touch of retro charm into their wardrobe.

A Journey through Time

The Tissot Sideral is more than just a watch; it’s an emblematic timepiece with a rich history dating back to 1971. As a member of the Sideral family launched in 1969, the original Sideral was the world’s first fiberglass watch, featuring a lightweight yet robust design. This ground-breaking watch gained acclaim from sports enthusiasts and trendsetters alike. In 1971, the Sideral S debuted, featuring the iconic yellow rubber strap and its innovative fastening system – signature elements of the Sideral family. Initially introduced on a Sideral watch in 1969, the strap’s popularity soon led to its incorporation into the Sideral S model.

When updating the Sideral for the modern era, Tissot remained committed to preserving the watch’s heritage and spirit. The original Sideral embodied innovation, adventure, and the excitement of the unknown. To recapture these qualities, Tissot chose forged carbon for the case, a material that parallels the lightweight, innovative, and resilient nature of fiberglass 60 years ago. By merging state-of-the-art materials with the Sideral’s vintage appeal, Tissot has crafted a timeless yet forward-looking masterpiece that pays tribute to its remarkable past.

Embracing a Bold, Colourful, and Sporty Aesthetic

The Tissot Sideral now comes in three striking colours – Yellow, Red, and Blue – and features the distinct perforated rubber strap and innovative bracelet fastening system, a unique touch that sets it apart from the traditional buckle. This inventive fastening system, initially introduced in the 1970s, reflects Tissot’s dedication to creative design, making the Sideral a true conversation starter. Tissot has also expanded the accessory options, offering green, orange, and black straps for those who prefer a more subdued look.

A Statement Piece for Any Occasion

The Tissot Sideral features a forged carbon case and a Black PVD unidirectional bezel with diver and regatta graduation, creating a unique and eye-catching look. The dial showcases multi-coloured luminescent animation and a regatta countdown gauge design in green and red, capturing the retro 70s aesthetic and adding to its style and spirit. With water resistance up to 30 bar (300m), the Sideral is a versatile accessory for various outdoor activities and events.

Equipped with the Powermatic 80 Nivachron movement and a new Tissot skeletonised rotor, the Tissot Sideral exhibits both reliability and visual appeal. The movement exemplifies Tissot’s dedication to precision and dependability, ensuring the watch is ready for any occasion. The Tissot Sideral stands out as a statement piece, empowering wearers to express their individuality and distinguish themselves from the crowd. With its vibrant aesthetic and one-of-a-kind bracelet fastening system, this watch is destined to draw attention. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or socialising with friends, the Tissot Sideral is the ultimate accessory for those who dare to be audacious and embrace their unique style.

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