Microlink Wins RM28.97 Million ICT Contract From National Audit Department

Microlink Solutions Berhad has secured a contract worth RM28,966,282 (inclusive of 6%  Sales and Service Tax) from the National Audit Department (Jabatan Audit Negara/JAN) to design, develop, and deliver a data warehouse, audit analytics application, audit dashboard, as well as hardware and other supporting infrastructure.

This project aims to generate high-impact results  that will empower JAN to make well-informed decisions by leveraging big data analytics, integrated  data management, and data sharing across agencies.

The outcome of this project will play a crucial  role in strengthening JAN’s main systems, empowering the delivery of enhanced auditing services,  increasing fraud detection and facilitating policy changes through the adoption of new technologies  for sustainable digitalisation.

Microlink Group CEO Ramlee Abdullah (pic), expressed the company’s vision of providing “Data-driven:  Actionable Insights” to clients through innovative data analytics solutions. By utilising data  analytics, advanced algorithms and machine learning, Microlink’s solutions can analyse extensive  datasets to reveal patterns, trends, and correlations. This capability enables clients to unlock the  full value of their data, leading to meaningful outcomes.

The implementation of these innovative measures will also enhance efficiency and support the  auditing and digital management processes, as well as improve JAN’s ICT network and security  infrastructure, thereby enhancing the efficiency of auditing work.

The project also stands to enhance JAN’s ICT infrastructure ensuring effective service delivery as well as guaranteeing the  security and integrity of data. This commitment to data protection is crucial in an increasingly  digital world where safeguarding sensitive information is of paramount importance.

The work on this project is scheduled to commence in August 2023 and development is expected to  last for three years, concluding in July 2026. During this period, Microlink will work closely with JAN  to develop and deliver these cutting-edge solutions and achieve the project’s objectives successfully.

Microlink Solutions Berhad, which is listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, is a leader  in technology development and solution delivery for a wide range of applications. The Group’s business is  organised in four clear pillars spanning Financial Services [FSI], Public Sector, Telco, and Distribution. In the  Enterprise sector, Microlink leverages Cloud, Mobile, Analytics and Data to develop cost-effective solutions  for multi-stakeholder organisations of all sizes.

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