Commerce.Asia drives value-based marketing at Shopee Seller Summit 2023

Leading e-commerce enabler Commerce.Asia was an active participant during the recent Shopee Seller Summit 2023. This was not surprising given Commerce.Asia’s mission of empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Malaysia and Southeast Asia fulfil their e-commerce potential.

On the sidelines of the event, Commerce.Asia Group CEO Kuna Kathigesan told Business Today that its relationship with Shopee underlined mutual commitment to support SMEs in their growth journey. The group is a Shopee e-commerce enabler partner.

“We are ready to provide an all-encompassing e-commerce suite of solutions for SMEs and brands to engage effectively with their target audiences,” said Kuna.

The Shopee Seller Summit 2023, which gathered over 1,200 online retailers, served as a forum for discussing key industry trends and the shift towards value-based marketing.

Kuna is a firm believer in the power of value-based marketing to cultivate brand loyalty and enhance customer experiences.

“Commerce.Asia is a one-stop, end-to-end e-commerce ecosystem that nurtures businesses from their infancy to full-fledged online retail maturity,” he said.

“We see ourselves at the nexus of e-commerce innovation and business growth, providing support in areas from live streaming services, video content creation, and warehousing to digital marketing and order management.”

Commerce.Asia currently supports over 92,000 active sellers, who posted a group gross merchandise volume (GMV) of RM6.7 billion last year.

The company’s future plans involve taking the SMEs’ successes to new heights, focusing on digital innovations such as Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies, online-to-offline (O2O) retail strategies, and influencer marketing.

“We strive to provide SMEs with the tools and knowledge to navigate the dynamic landscape of e-commerce successfully,” said Kuna.

“This will be achieved by integrating with major social platforms like Facebook and TikTok, along with our joint venture with Nuffnang Live Commerce, which brings together over 20,000 active influencers to deliver seamless end-to-end live commerce experiences.”

Looking at the e-commerce industry’s future, Kuna emphasised the importance of blending online and physical retail to sustain growth.

“We are witnessing a symbiotic relationship between online and physical retail. The emergent online-to-offline (O2O) retail strategy is the bridge between these two worlds,” said Kuna.

In an era of rapidly changing consumer behaviour and increasing competition, Commerce.Asia is committed to staying at the forefront of e-commerce innovation. The group’s latest innovation as part of its ‘end-to-end e-commerce enabler’ value proposition is CommercePay, a revolutionary integrated payment solution.

Launched in August 2022, CommercePay has been gaining significant traction among e-commerce and online platform merchants throughout the country.

“CommercePay offers a user-friendly experience, enabling customers to make secure and hassle-free online payments,” said Kuna, adding that the solution also offers no setup fees and annual maintenance fees,” said Kuna.

He also highlighted the quick processing time and approval period offered by CommercePay.

“The swift activation empowers businesses to start accepting online payments promptly,” he said. Another notable feature of CommercePay is the efficient settlement process, ensuring a fast settlement period of 1-2 business days.”

CommercePay also features an innovative settlement split payment module, which Kuna described as ‘valuable for use cases such as commission payments to sales agents or revenue-sharing models with sub-merchants’.

“Commerce.Asia will continue to explore new trends and technological advancements, such as robotic warehousing, to provide first-class operational excellence,” said Kuna.

“Ultimately, our goal is to empower SMEs to navigate the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, enabling them to grow and thrive not just in the local market, but also regionally.”

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