The Knowledge Gap: Transforming Financial Aspirations Into Tangible Actions

In today’s complex financial landscape, many Malaysians face significant obstacles when it comes to transforming their financial aspirations into tangible actions.

A considerable segment of individuals experiences a knowledge gap and limited access to the essential resources necessary for effective financial management. These challenges are compounded by the dauntingly high entry barriers that prevent access to the expertise of professional financial planners.

The costs to engage their services create additional challenges, leaving those with limited financial means unable to seek the guidance they desperately need.

Moreover, a common misconception is that financial planning is only relevant to a privileged few. This belief suggests that those with lower incomes or fewer assets render financial planning irrelevant to their lives.

As an option toward planning investments, Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd (Malacca Securities) believes that at the core of wealth building lies one important factor – insights. Insights into the financial market are just one of the many aspects crucial to making well-informed decisions.

“Both our M+ Online and M+ Global are equipped with intuitive tools and real-time market intelligence to help investors stay ahead of the curve. However, the key to financial success is to have a clear and deeper insight into your financial standing so that you can plan and achieve your financial goals,” said Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd Group Managing Director, Lim Chia Wei to BusinessToday recently.

“We knew that it was time to expand our financial services to ensure all Malaysians have an equal opportunity to succeed financially. M+ Online and M+ Global are two platforms that are all about allowing investors to build their wealth. Obtaining the financial planning license under the corporate’s belt allows us to democratise financial planning through an accessible platform, providing Malaysians with an avenue to start planning and building their wealth,’ Lim added.

As the financial industry is constantly evolving, Malacca Securities extensive experience and deep-rooted presence in the financial landscape, spanning over 60 years, have allowed them to gain valuable insights and a strong understanding of the needs and aspirations of Malaysian investors.

Malacca Securities views the world through the lenses of their clients, as the goal, which fuels their drive to develop innovative solutions that cater specifically to their needs.

“We’ve centred our strategy around the need for seamless, personalised and accessible experiences that today’s tech-savvy consumers are looking for. One of our key differentiators is our hybrid approach in combining innovative technology and human expertise, providing Malaysians with a first-class digital experience while incorporating the extensive guidance and personalisation delivered by over 200 licensed dealer representatives.”

Following the successful launch of M+ Online, with over 250,000 users allowing Malaysians to trade in the local landscape, we have continuously invested in cutting-edge digital platforms and tools, allowing Malaysians to expand their trading horizons in the global market with M+ Global.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to achieve financial success, regardless of their financial background. We’ve designed our platforms to be user-friendly, accessible, with low barriers to entry. Our goal is to democratise investing, and we’re constantly working to bring investment opportunities closer to all Malaysians”.

Since the launch of M+ Global in May 2023, the platform, which provides a seamless and intuitive interface, real-time global market data, real-time market intelligence, and advanced trading tools, has garnered significant traction with over 54,000 sign-ups to date.

Through M+ Global, MSSB empowers investors from all levels, from beginners to experienced traders, including modern investors committed to Islamic principles, with the tools and knowledge they need to make informed investment decisions.

The Beginning Of MULA

A track record was garnered over a short time since MULA was conceived.

MULA is a smart money fitness platform designed to help Malaysians with their financial planning journey. It is a customisable platform designed to cater to the diverse financial needs of Malaysians, and the best part is it is completely free for all Malaysians.

MULA Chief Commercial Officer Jo Yau said that for the first time, Malaysians have the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their money health (financial standing). MULA empowers users to assess their money health across seven key areas, including cash flow, debt, investment, retirement, insurance, estate planning and tax.

By delving into these categories, individuals can gain a holistic view of their financial situation and determine whether their money decisions align with their goals.

Not only does MULA provide a comprehensive overview of an individual’s financial status through financial reports, it goes a step further by identifying areas that require attention and offering guidance for financial success.

With its intuitive features and personalised insights, MULA serves as a trusted financial companion, empowering users to take control of their financial well-being.

The Proposition

While millennials and Gen Z are tech-savvy and have access to more financial information than ever before, the level of financial literacy can still be improved. A comprehensive understanding of financial markets, investment principles, risk management and personal finance are crucial to making informed decisions. Educational initiatives and collaborations with schools and universities can help boost financial literacy among the youth.

Younger investors often face challenges with capital availability, particularly those who are early in their careers or burdened with student loans. This is why it is imperative that these individuals kickstart their financial planning journey early to gain a comprehensive understanding of their financial standing, start setting up personal financial goals and be disciplined to keep track of their progress to achieve financial success.

While Malaysia has made significant strides in technology, there is still room for improvement, particularly in rural or underserved areas. Ensuring that everyone has reliable, high-speed internet access will be key to ensuring inclusivity of digital financial services.

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