Prime Minister Vows Crackdown On Racial, Religious Instigation

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has delivered a strong admonition to politicians and their supporters who incite racial and religious sentiments, cautioning that such actions could ultimately undermine national harmony.

In a rousing campaign speech, Anwar announced his intention to engage in discussions with Malay rulers after the conclusion of the upcoming state elections and the objective of these discussions would be to determine the most effective approach for addressing individuals who engage in such divisive act

“I have discussed with the Agong as well as the Selangor Ruler… this isn’t about politics. I don’t care who you support or which party, but if you are riding on religion, playing with God’s law, slandering people, easily labelling them as non-believers…

“I want to state tonight (last night), after this election, I won’t tolerate such nonsense. I stress that this nation must be safe; this country must respect all its citizens.

“Yes, there’s a need to enhance understanding of Islam, strengthen the Malay language as well, safeguarding the position of the Bumiputera as well as the royal institution. 

“But this isn’t a zero-sum game. It doesn’t mean if I support the Malays, I’ll ostracise the Chinese,’’ he said.

Prior to his statement, Anwar was lambasting his political opponents in Perikatan Nasional (PN) for allegedly campaigning on slander and playing up nativist and religious sentiments to garner support throughout the election period.

In his rebuke, Anwar also did not hold any punches against PN’s attempt to capture non-Malay votes and claimed that the Malay-centric coalition is not serious  about wooing these voters. 

“Now PN is trying to secure Chinese support; do you think the Chinese are as gullible as you?

“Same goes for the Indian community. They say that ‘we will form a special committee to look after the Indians’. For you Indians here, please tell them podah! (go away),’’ he said. 

Pointing out PN’s contradictory narratives in offering purported inclusive state administration in Selangor, Anwar said the Malay-centric coalition was insincere in its attempts to capture support from non-Malay communities.

Anwar, along with other Unity Government leaders, pleaded to Selangor voters to ensure the state would remain its status quo under the leadership of Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari. The Prime Minister also said that his administration was committed to putting an end to hardcore poverty in the country by the end of the year.

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