Anwar Advocates For India’s Digital Expertise, Cooperation At ASEAN-India Summit

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has suggested India’s phenomenal success in digital penetration to be shared to benefit all Asean member countries, especially in digital banking and finance, as well as rural areas.

“I would certainly feel this one issue India needs to explore and can contribute immensely to our common success,” he said at the 20th Asean-India Summit, which was led by Indonesian President Joko Widodo and attended by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in conjunction with the Asean Summit here on Thursday.

Anwar also encouraged economic cooperation between Asean and India, especially in concluding agreements like the Asean-India Trade in Goods Agreement by 2025, and leveraging India’s agricultural expertise for smart agriculture in the region.

The prime minister stressed that climate change cooperation is also essential by focusing on renewable energy, water management and biodiversity conservation.

On geopolitics, Anwar emphasised using friendly relations to promote dialogue and peaceful co-existence amid geopolitical challenges, including the South China Sea issue.

During the meeting, Anwar also highlighted India’s vital role as a strategic ally, and congratulated the country on its historic lunar landing.

“We share the pride as part of the Asian and Asean venture,” he added.

India’s Chandrayaan-3 lander successfully touched down on the lunar surface on Aug 23, making India the fourth nation to successfully land on the moon, and the first to land in the south pole region.

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