Bank Islam Introduces Be U Visa Debit Card-i

Bank Islam launches its latest offering, Be U by Bank Islam Visa Debit Card-i.

Besides providing a swift, secure, and contactless transaction at more than 100 million Visa merchant locations worldwide1, the Be U by Bank Islam Visa Debit Card-i is designed to cater to consumers evolving needs.

Noor Farilla Abdullah, Bank Islam Group Chief Digital Officer, said the card embodies efficiency, choice, and control that meets today’s market demands. It is also a testament to Bank Islam’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge Shariah-compliant solutions that resonate with the modern lifestyle.

“Customers today seek more than just transactional based banking offerings; they demand an experience that allows them to manage their finances easily. Through the Be U by Bank Islam Debit Card-i, cardholders can track their finances with the built in expense tracker in the Be U by Bank Islam digital banking app, allowing them to be aware of and understand their spending habits. This will then enable users to plan and achieve their financial goals strategically.”

“Additionally, cardholders can also manage and control their card settings easily through the app which allows them to freeze and unfreeze the card, change PIN and adjust security and limits settings to their preferences,” she adds.

With the ability to offer choice, the Be U by Bank Islam Visa Debit Card-i offers five eye catching designs to select from, allowing customers to express their individuality. Customers can easily apply for the card via the Be U app and have it delivered to their homes in just a few working days upon application.

Since its launch on June 2022, Bank Islam’s fully cloud-native digital banking proposition, Be U by Bank Islam, has played a significant role in allowing digital-natives to do their banking transactions with ease and seamlessly, without the hassle of visiting a branch.

The app is a central platform for tracking payments made through Duitnow QR, Duitnow transfers, and the Be U by Bank Islam Visa Debit Card-i. Apart from being able to track all payments made through various methods in one view, Be U is also leveraging digital infrastructures to support richer features such as Nest, an automated goal savings feature that encourages positive financial habits by allowing users to save and achieve their short-term goals effortlessly.

Beyond the commercial metrices, are the business impact Be U brings on the overall organisation. Bank Islam Group Chief Executive Officer, Mohd Muazzam Mohamed said, “The Be U branchless debit card represents the Group’s commitment to transform the Islamic banking experience by leveraging advanced technology to surpass customer needs, at the same time, providing the organisation an avenue to learn and build in-house fintech capabilities.

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